Saturday, September 17, 2005

Last night was a packed working/social evening. NBS and I finally went on our book shopping spree that we had been anticipating since June (the month, not the wife). We need to stock the college library with books for the New Subject so next year's kids can have something to read when they take it up. We went to Kino, Orchard, and pulled an assortment of stuff from the Mythology, Philosophy, Media, Mathematics and General Science sections. Filled up 2 baskets and did a rough calculation: over $1K worth of reading material in under 1 hour of shopping. Whoever said that education was cheap? Kids better appreciate the expense, else grrr....!

Then we took the MRT to PS to meet Vince, Amy, Yee, HP and her sis, SP for dinner at the food court. Got news from them that Amy has finally beaten each of us Gutter Boys at least once. They had gone training in the afternoon and through a Pearl Harbour maneuvre (actually Yee was just blur) Amy hit him with a 139, her personal high to date. I think she's ready to replace Anthony next week. Yes.

By 9 NBS had to go home before she turned into a pumpkin so we waved goodbye to her while we went on to watch "The Brothers Grimm." Yee had already watched it so he took care of his own agenda. Think I'll review "Grimm" after I watch it with June (the wife, not the month) next week.

After the movie, Vince got hungry so it was teh alia (tea with ginger) at Rosyth and miscellaneous chat and gossip till way past midnight. Hence this late entry.

Today was a completely different social dynamic. Just me alone with Q-tip and Mimi. Haven't heard my voice all day today except to order food; oh, and to murder the songs I sang along to played off my 'pod. If no one's around to hear me, I can indulge myself, ok?

It was a beautiful sunny day, so I took the dogs to Sentosa for lunch at the Trapizza. I owed them a major outing for neglecting them all last night. Ordered the Trapizza Linguini, a seafood pasta in tomato sauce. It was ok, though not quite what I hoped for. But if you asked me what I had hoped for, I don't actually know either.

Q-tip flirted with an Aussie couple on the beach and Mimi was an embarrassment, screaming her head off at a larger dog just passing through and minding its own business.

Evening I abandoned the dogs again and went into town looking for dinner. Was feeling restless and needed to take a long drive and blast music at the same time. No parking available anywhere in the Suntec City/Marina Square/Esplanade area. The whole of Singapore must have come out early to party downtown or something. Settled for parking at Funan Centre (again!) and found a beef noodle thingy in the basement food court. My order tasted like offal and tripe, gravy over-salty, beefballs mushy. Yuck. Couldn't down the whole thing but I still tried to eat enough to look respectable.

Whiled away a bit more time with a black forest ice-blended, a welcome change of the taste in my mouth after dinner.

Now back home again with a couple of comatose canines for company. How exciting.

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