Monday, September 12, 2005

My blow-up with June last week was one of my most difficult experiences to take. While the full impact of what happened fell on me, being pretty much the sole cause of the crisis in the first place, it also sent ripples and resonances through the Gutter Boyz as well. Crisis does things to a group dynamic and it does seem -- to me at least -- that our relationship with each other has changed a little.

When we first started socializing, then training in earnest, most of the time we got together just for the laughs. We had fun, and we chatted and joked around a lot. We pulled each others' legs mercilessly and then it was just great entertainment for all of us.

Last week, during the crisis, the Gutter Boyz became a solid support group offering their encouragement, understanding and their prayers for which I will always appreciate.

Today, from the 2 conversations I had, and I'm guessing from the other interactions around me as well, we started talking about something new. Instead of cracking inane jokes all the time we really started sharing deeper issues with each other. Hurts, fears, vulnerabilities out on the table. We started taking each other seriously and a new element of trust, I believe, has grown between us.

Today, we started seeing each other in a more human light rather than as just a bunch of clowns and cartoons. It's not that I hadn't taken our friendship seriously in the past, but I think we've progressed to a new level of friendship and I'm really happy about that. My crisis may have shaken us up a bit, but I think our ties are now stronger than ever in spite of it.

Adversity last week, a new perspective this week. God does indeed work in mysterious ways.

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