Saturday, September 10, 2005

Q-tip's carrier bag gets her places where normally dogs aren't welcome. The bag looks like an ordinary sports bag but has a zippered netting through which a furry 4-legged passenger can look out of and breathe through. Unless anyone looks carefully, no one notices that a non-human organism has been brought into a humans-only restricted area.

This morning, Q-tip got her first look at Suntec City and CityLink Mall. June and I were shopping for Tina's belated birthday pressie. We knew exactly what we wanted to get: an original kimono material tote bag from Kokon Tozai. Tina liked the one she saw June carrying so we got one just like it for her.

We also passed through Chinatown and stopped for more sour plum juice, a little light lunch and some cheap CD shopping. Foo Leong Record in the Chinatown Complex sells original CDs at a slightly discounted rate. I picked up Green Day's "American Idiot" (Special Edition) for $18.50 (usual price: $21+) then I discovered -- thanks to the friendly sales staff -- that China imported original [repeat: ORIGINAL] CDs sold for $6.90 each! A bit backdated, maybe, but some new stuff as well. I picked up Linkin Park's "Hybrid Theory" (SE) and "Meteora" and Keane's "Hopes and Fears." The albums have Chinese legalese on the covers, but other than that they are well worth the price.

Now chillin' out at home before heading to Tina's bash at Cappadocia, Robertson Walk later. Will probably update about that sometime tonight. And hopefully some with some pix as well.

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