Saturday, September 03, 2005

Started the day early by driving down to Pasir Ris to be part of the Yellow Ribbon Walk. This event is to remind ourselves that ex-cons should be given a 2nd chance to rebuild their lives once they have paid their dues to society. The walk began at the old Changi Prison gates and extended for 3.2 km to end at Pasir Ris Town Park. The walk symbolized the road to freedom from confinement behind bars.

It seemed appropriate for us to walk the route too, considering that for the whole week we were too busy to take Q-tip out anywhere. It was an opportunity for her to make up for the lost exercise . We smuggled her in her carrier onto the shuttle-bus taking us to our stating point, then slowly let her emerge at various stages throughout the walk. First, we opened the bag, then we let her stick her head out, then we carried her outside her bag, and finally we let her walk the last kilometer or so on leash.

My CT was too scattered to meet properly, but I did catch sightings of a number of them along the way. Hope y'all had a fruitful morning!

In the afternoon we were off to the petanque courts to help Anthony with his International. It was exciting being tournament officials for an world-recognized event. We and Weng handled the administration of scoring and the assignment of courts for the different countries to play their games.

It was tiring sitting in the afternoon heat despite being under tentage and the wait between the arrival of new scores was tedious. Then as scoresheets are handed to us there is a flurry of activity to fill up the just vacated court and to get the scoreboard updated.

June and I were assigned official scorekeepers for the Individual section of the tournament. Weng hastily explained the game to us, then threw us into the deep end with pen, clipboard and scoresheet in hand. Basically, our job was simple: watch for the Arbiter (judge) to decide how many points to award for a throw, then agreeing with his assessment before writing it down in our scoresheets.

Didn't get finished till after 2100 hrs. Supper and socializing at Newton hawker centre the rest of the evening. More of the same tomorrow, then BKK the day after!

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