Sunday, September 25, 2005

To the owner of the SUV parked so inconsiderately at the egress of the Empress Place slip road turning out into Connaught this morning:

You caused a minor traffic jam along Empress because a tour bus could not find an angle to exit into Connaught despite many back-and-forth attempts by the bus driver. Traffic backed up to the end of the Asian Civilizations Museum and everyone grew increasingly irate at the blockage.

One-by-one, drivers abandoned their vehicles and walked towards your car to see what the problem was and how they could help the bus driver with his situation.

When enough people got together, they decided that it was more expedient to do something about it rather than wait upon your good graces to show up and drive off.

I would never have imagined that human hands could actually lift and drag a whole SUV aside, but I guess when coupled with adrenaline, an angry mob is not to be underestimated. Dear owner, in case you're wondering how your vehicle ended up parked on the sidewalk instead of on the road where you left it, the explanation is right here.

Please give more thought to where you park next time. Thank you.

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