Thursday, September 29, 2005

Today's the day the promo papers begin. All the work we've been putting in this year now culminates in this one big push to the half-way mark. And another giant pile of marking awaits me now -- all essays -- and a slightly more than 2 week deadline hangs over my head. My best wishes to all my students, and I hope to see you all continuing the work in year 2.

Today's also the last day of the bowling league. Amy got blooded after all, Anthony deciding not to change the arrangement we made for last week and letting her bowl in his place. Because of this historic moment, NBS and HP came along ostensibly to form Amy's cheerleading squad. But the game became too long-drawn and repetitive for them, so eventually they disappeared to watch TV instead. Nevertheless, NBS did stay out with us past pumpkin-time, and this will be a fact Amy won't be letting us forget anytime soon. Yes, Amy, you win.

June was, of course, our most faithful supporter. She stayed through good throws and bad and even had to motivate Vince a bit during his execrable 1st game. Thankfully, he picked up in his subsequent games, as did Yee who was our best bowler tonight.

Me, I had a pretty decent 1st game, then slumped back down to average again, cock and lock notwithstanding. Bleh. So it wasn't quite the bang we were hoping to end the tournament with, but we had a great run and we've enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. Next year the trophies are OURS!

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