Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Wow! College Alumnette and ex-librarian we can be proud of!

Hot bods

"Sweat" gets the fit and healthy to share their secrets
By Ng Sor Luan

21, NUS undergraduate and part-time make-up artist

Height: 159cm

Weight: 51kg

Exercise: I jog a lot, at least an hour every day, and I do the occasional biathlon where I swim for 40 minutes and run for an hour after that.

I started blading when I was eight, stopped when I was 10, but picked it up again when I was 18. I used to do speed skating, but I just skate for leisure now. I also do simple toning exercises like weight training, push-ups and squats at home.

Diet: My poor performance in one of my primary school sports meets prompted me to do something about my rather plump physique.

I would get rid of all the fat I see in my food, but my health suffered as a result: I was pale, my hair fell off, and I felt cold frequently.

I've since wised up and am not so particular about fat in my food, preferring to exercise more instead. I like brown rice and eat fruits and vegetables, making sure I get one serving every other meal. I take infood rich in carbohydrates on the days I run or do endurance training, and cut down on food on rest days. I drink a lot of water too.

(Found in Sunday Times, Sept 18, 2005)

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