Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Yahoo! news: Poor_Have_Difficulty_Eating_Healthy_Foods

Here's a strange turnaround of events. In today's world, it's the poor who have a problem with obesity, and the ill-effects inherent therein.

Amazing that processed foods: the convenient, fast-to-cook, additive-enhanced, attractively packaged concoctions of mass production have become more affordable than fresh fruits and vegetables. Economies of scale are to blame for this, I suppose.

Worse still that the poor have to work so hard and for such long hours that they have no time to cook for their families either.

No $$$ + no time = eating junk & crap.

It's just so ironic then that the poor are now developing health problems once associated with the rich. Fat, prosperous bodies and diabetes (caused by too much intake of sugar, once considered a luxury product) seem to have been discarded by the rich who can afford to take care of their dietary health. And it's left to the poor to pick up the refuse, as usual.

So, how are you treating your body today?

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