Sunday, October 02, 2005

We went to the TP petanque courts this afternoon where Anthony and the other 2 members of the Women's team coached June through her first petanque experience. June was such a serious student. I could see her really focusing hard on her targets and trying so hard to get the flow of her throw right. Later, they tried her out as a pointer in a couple of games where she did pretty well for a first timer.

Nice that June's learning a new sport that we can play with each other, one probably not as expensive as bowling either. Haha.

We were at the courts until quite late then eventually broke for dinner. Anthony and Wendy introduced us to Blooies, an essentially expat hangout place in Siglap. The place was full of Ang-mo types having a good time, most of whom were ignoring the Man U game on the TV, preferring to focus on their own conversations.

We were there for the food so June ordered the black pepper chicken as recommended by the rather frazzled-looking wait staff. From the fragments June offered me from her plate I could tell that the chicken was delightful. Tender and juicy and flavourful , and so fresh too. Likewise my mussel penne in tomato sauce. Lovely. I'd like to know which brand of ginger ale they served. It was sweet and not as dry as it usually is. That was a nice surprise 'cos given a choice I'd go for ginger beer (for the smoothness) rather than ale.

Celine and CW joined us a little later for coffee, chat and gossip. CW let us gawk at his Jazz in the parking lot. He'd recently installed a new grille, adding on to the other mods that supposedly "improve fuel consumption" -- aerodynamic fins and a bloated exhaust pipe, for example -- and other more cosmetic enhancements as well. He's a seriously "poisoned*" dude.

Blooies is one more dog-friendly place we can add to our list. Next time lah, ok, Q-tip?

*Term describing someone with car-upgrade mania.

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