Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I sent a letter to the traffic cops a few months ago appealing against the "inconsiderate driving" charge they filed against me. My appointment to set matters straight with them was this morning, at their HQ in Ubi.

The officer handling my case explained to me that although a truck had right of way, I had shot out into its lane causing it to "jam brake." So, really, I had done something clearly dangerous, though it was fortunate that no accident occured. But considering my extenuating circumstances, the officer offered me a reduced charge of "failing to give way," effectively reducing my demerit points from 9 to 4 (>50% discount!) and a small reduction in the fine incurred as well.

It wasn't the best case scenario I had hoped for, but it's better than nothing. So now I'm living with a total of 8 demerit points, including the 4 I chalked up earlier this year for "crossing a double white line." 8 points to remind me to be more careful on the road. Sigh.

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