Thursday, October 13, 2005

Preparing for college open house tomorrow. Have a table for displaying books and flyers and hoping to interest some little children in the New Subject so that some might actually consider taking it next year. NBS and I will be manning the desk and maybe answer questions about it as best as we know how.

Also for the open house, I worked with the Drama Club this morning on a rip-off from Quidam's interactive mime segment. Simple plot involving (what else?) a love triangle, as demonstrated by our members, then the challenge will be to get audience "volunteers" to recreate the scene and embarrass themselves at the same time. This game will run for 3 slots during lull periods in the programme, so at least things will still look busy. We've only had a couple of runs-through today and we're already on tomorrow, so wish us luck!

And, at last the men beat the ladies' team in a friendly petanque match-up this evening. Anthony, Eddie and me took on Vicki, HB and June and narrowly scored our 13 points first. Anthony's penultimate ball was a wild, high lob that sent us all scrambling for cover, but he made no mistake with his last ball. Game! Yay! Too bad Vicki was actually playing with an injury, but we'll take the victory anyway. Ha!

Finally, let's congratulate Amy on the purchase of her new pearl-white 1.5l Suzuki Swift. It was both fun and an honour for Anthony and me to play a role in your decision-making process. Can't wait to ride in your new baby when it arrives!

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