Friday, October 14, 2005

Trying to pack too many things into a day shows its effects the next day. I promised NBS to design the signboard for our booth at today's campus open house, but by the time I'd got home last night, my mind was almost a complete mind-wipe. I couldn't think past the fatigue, and in the end in my somnambulistic state I came up with a total piece of crap which we just had to make do with. That was disappointing.

Guess that pretty much sums up the rest of today as well: NBS and I trying to promote the New Subject, but few prospective JC1 students seemed interested. Those we did talk to had the look of deer caught in headlights; helplessly staring wide-eyed while a torrent of unsolicited information about some esoteric new OPTIONAL subject comes barreling down their way driven by some obviously demented teacher whom they are too polite to cut-off in mid-lecture.

Kids, they just want to know if the subject is easy to score in or if they can slack their way through it. They don't view their subjects as life-changing experiences. We'll let the marketing department know ASAP.

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