Monday, October 10, 2005

When I mark stuff, I sometimes encounter ideas that I find interesting. Today an essay triggered an X-rated thought which I'd like to share, but only to those who willingly and of their own accord click this link. (To avoid any misunderstanding, NO kids under 18, please).

Edit 01:
Going car shopping is lots of fun, especially if you aren't the person buying the car. I won't say who the prospective buyer is yet, until things are more firmed up at least, but we shopped around the Ubi area looking at Toyotas, Suzukis and eventually a Mazda.

It's fun because we got to poke around the cars on display, comparing the aesthetics of design and comfort. Besides, driving around in a showroom car comes with the excitement of parting with a huge amount of cash and selling your life away knowing you get a nil return on your investment.

Because of budget constraints, we limited our shopping to Toyota's Vitz and ist, Suzuki's Swift and Mazda's 2SP. For the moment the preference looks biased towards the Swift with it's responsive engine, compact shape, leather interior and clean dash; though where the 3 of us disagreed on was the choice of colours which to me just aren't inspiring. We also test drove the 2SP with it's more powerful engine and sports tranny, but for it's current price it doesn't seem to come with enough bells and whistles to be attractive.

Well, tonight our prospective car buyer must do the math and ask more questions. Hmm... to be able to consider buying a new car; it's a situation to relish. Yes.

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