Friday, November 11, 2005

After a long day of report writing, a couple of meetings that promised some unexpected developments -- not ready to talk about them yet, though -- and a day full of department excitement because today the JC2s took their GP exam, I squeezed in a bowling quickie with Anthony and Amy at the CSC in the late afternoon.

Nothing to boast about, though. Of 3 games, my first 2 scored 120+ each only. Lane 16 was a bit slippery and my very first throw landed me on my butt though I still knocked 7 pins over. Wonder if the college bowling team training on the lanes behind us saw? Anthony and I both threw 125 on the second game and were severely punished by Amy's 140+. The girl's game is picking up nicely.

It was only in the third game I got a decent score, 164. It's bad that it takes a long warm-up before "the game" can start proper. And even worse, I need to find a different aiming point and a different starting position because what worked in a previous game doesn't necessarily work in the current one. Where is the consistency?

Took June and Q-tip out to dinner. Nearly collided with a Matrix as I was exiting my parking lot and entering into the main road. Must be a problem with my judging of distances or the Matrix was just driving faster than I estimated. Whatever. I thought I could make it, but as I entered the lane there was a furious beeping from behind, so I switched to my left lane to avoid him. He had the exact same idea and likewise switched to the left lane to avoid me. All I could do was floor the accelerator and hope for the best. Meantime, the Matirix driver stood on his brakes... the fact that I can still make this entry means that we all made it out of that hairy situation in one piece without a scratch. My guardian angel really works overtime to keep me alive.

Dinner at Porridge Culture: Warning -- cash only. Credit cards and NETS not accepted. You imagine the scenario.

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