Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Below is June's eulogy for Belle:

Today Q-tip lost her "package"–Belle. This is usually how we introduce Belle to our friends and relatives. As when my mom's ex-tenant moved out of TP 4 years ago, she left 1 dog (Q-tip) and 2 cats behind. My mom's friend only wanted to adopt the black Tom cat as Belle was pregnant during that time. Our intention is to give both the cats away and only keep the dog but since my mom's friend wasn't interested in keeping the pregnant cat, we had to take her in.

Remember when she first came in our house, she was so smelly and panicky. She hid behind the washer and the fridge for almost 2 days. Q-tip kept trying to squeeze her head behind the washer and fridge to look for Belle and encouraged her to walk out from her hiding place to play and had her meals. We later managed to catch hold of her and put a collar with a bell on her to keep track of her movements. That's why Min wanted to name her Bell but we later decided to name her Belle instead.

This morning Belle was not able to move both her hind legs again, this time she even vomited in the second bedroom and on the living room carpet. We quickly took her to Dr Kasey and he told us she had a stroke again. This time the condition was quite bad and the chance of recovering was slim. Both her ears also turned pale and cold when we took her out of the cage, she was also not able to control her urine. I knew it was serious but I was still hopeful. I have to leave her with Dr Kasey and I left for work.

Dr Kasey called me around 3 pm and told me that Belle just vomited blood and was breathing through her mouth and asked if I could rush down to see her for the last time. He told me Belle will collapse anytime soon.

Belle couldn't wait for me and Min. She died 20 mins before I reached the clinic. At least we got to stroke her head and body for the very last time. I requested Dr Kasey to put her collar and her name tag back on her as they had to remove it during the treatment. I told her to remember her name is Belle and from now on God will take care of her on our behalf till we meet again in heaven. This is the last thing we can do and give to her.

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