Sunday, November 06, 2005

Finally, June and JY proudly promenade towards the rink with their own in-lines. Posted by Picasa

June gets the Geoblade 1.3W...

and JY gets the Geoblade 1.5W

Fully suited up, JY prepares to leave the safety of the rink to explore the park proper. Chewie and Tones are on hand to escort her today. Posted by Picasa

In the evening, (after completing in-line training in Bishan AND petanque training in TP), we -- me, June, Anthony, Wendy and Weng -- surprise CW at the Blue Jaz with a belated birthday cake. Posted by Picasa

Celine is as surprised as CW over his little celebration. Posted by Picasa

Oh, and at Blue Jaz, this dear little black-and-white cat scrounged some kibble off June, then made itself comfortable on some cushions in the outdoor dining area. Posted by Picasa

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