Sunday, November 20, 2005

Met early for 'blading at Bish Park for a change. JY bought us breakfast. That was nice of her.

Bish Park in the early morning is quite different from the one we're used to at midday. Early morning is full of people and their dogs. The dog run is busy conducting obedience classes; the 'blade rink is packed with kids training with the Skateline instructors; joggers, walkers, cyclists and some guy doing half-naked yoga throng the walking trails. It's a jumpin', happenin' hive of community activity, but it's a nightmare for beginning 'bladers like June who left the confines of the rink and ventured out into the park for the first time.

Maneuvering through the park means taking climbs, slopes, bumps and bends which a rink 'blader is sheltered from. Add a crowd into the equasion and my 2 L-plate companions get a very practical lesson in crash-landings.

A sudden downpour ended today's session early.

Got home in the afternoon to receive a delivery of a set of pet clothes for Q-tip. June had placed an order through the Petsonality website and John, the contact person, made the delivery himself. Now Q-tip has an updated wardrobe to model, but perhaps not today.

And could this handsome fellow be Belle's replacement in our house? We found him hiding behind a couple of bicycles parked on our floor in the lift lobby. He doesn't yet have a name, but he's quite good tempered, so maybe we'll keep him. He seems like a proper little gentleman wearing a formal tuxedo and sports a little goatee, so if you have any naming suggestions, maybe that description would help.

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