Saturday, November 12, 2005

NBS couldn't join us 'blading so we lunched together instead. I wanted soup and bread at Cedele, J8, but somehow we couldn't find the place. Maybe we were searching in the wrong annex? We settled for MOS Burger instead where June bought a cute Coke promotional teddy bear (white with "Coke" in tiny letters emblazoned all over it). We sat and chatted longer than expected -- I even got a sighting of NBS' sister who happened to be walking by our table but, unfortunately, on the other side of the glass partition, so an intro wasn't convenient.

JY arrived at Bish Park way before us and by the time we arrived she was ready for her solo park tour. June continued working on her basic maneuvering and eventually learned to bank anti-clockwise. Next week, she'll figure out clockwise banking, and hopefully, braking. Then she should be ready for park exploration. JY isn't so systematic. JY is the learn-as-you-fall kind of student. Cool.

Went for petanque training late but we still put in quite a few games with the kids and a triples game with Wendy, Celine and CW. Training was a little edgier today because June and I are partners at tomorrow's National Doubles Championship event, which everyone else is training for too! To be realistic, we'll just concentrate on pointing well since our shooting sux, and hope for the best. Wish us luck!

After training, June found an adorable little kitten at the garbage collection area of TP stadium. She wanted to take it home so badly, but it wasn't ready to leave its mother yet and kept darting back to the safety of its refuge every time June got too close. June'll have to build up trust over time, as she has with many of the strays downstairs of our place, and then it's ours! Bwa ha ha!

Weng taught us how to play bridge after dinner at Blue Jaz. Rules are simple enough, but it's going to take lots of practice -- as always -- before we can play the game properly. Oh, well, 1 more new skill to pick up...

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