Monday, November 21, 2005

Once in a while, a reminder of our mortality comes up and makes one sober for a while. Today I attended a little ceremony to remember Mim, and to witness the award of a scholarship in her name to its first ever recipient, a Mr Robin Yong. In a simple, polite ceremony, we recalled the colleague and friend we lost 2 years ago as scenes of her life flashed before our eyes via PowerPoint slideshow.

I was prepared to be stoic through the ceremony, but then on one of the earliest slides I recognized a quotation that happened to be something I myself had written on her condolence card to her family, and I was quite touched that Yee, who created the slideshow, had chosen to include it. It felt like I was a part of Mim's circle after all, though I didn't hang out with her after she had mentored me through my first week in college. Guess at that time I felt I wouldn't have been able to live up to the kind of teacher she was, so I sought my own path as soon as I was able. Still, it's nice to be associated with one of the good guys, tenuous a link though it may be.

It hits me harder that she and I were born the same year, yet she didn't reach her 40th year as I did. Life is so fragile, so easily lost; but Mim's memory will endure because so many people regard her highly for the person she was, and for the things she did for them.

Mr Yong, you have enormous shoes to fill for the education you are receiving in Mim's name. Congratulations, and good luck!

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