Friday, November 11, 2005

OPs are finally over and we are now on the final leg of the PW cycle -- assessing the groups' files of supporting documentation for their projects. From the OPs there seems to be a trend to research the feasibility of incorporating yoga, or aromatherapy, or some other homeopathic practice into the school environment as a means to "cure" hyperactive children, relax stressed-out kids, and focus easily-distracted kids so they can do better in their exams. Sort of makes you wonder about the working environment our kids have to put up with.

But it also shows the kids do have some ideas about how they could possibly make improvements for themselves. They aren't all particularly original, and some might even be financially disastrous, but the OP could be a way to actually trash out what works and what doesn't, as Chewie and I did with the presenting groups after their assessments were over. Once we put away our assessment forms and our pens, the presenters could relax and then our discussions became animated, spontaneous and highly engaging. Don't know if the kids enjoyed the post-presentation chat, but their assessors sure needed it.

In the evening, June got her first petanque injury. She was slightly behind me, both of us bending over to see whose boule won the point. I estimated that she had won so I stood up and jerked my thumb in her general direction to say so. She was still bent over, intently looking at the boules and not seeing my thumb until it poked her in the eye. And put a small scratch on the bridge of her nose too. Why do we always hurt the ones we love?

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