Sunday, November 06, 2005

Q-tip, in her pink faux Burberry trenchcoat, is ready to brave bad weather as we set off for the SKC Championship Dog Show. She's a spectator, not a contestant, btw. Posted by Picasa

Someday they're gonna have to make dog-sized merchandise counters. Posted by Picasa

When ya gotta go, ya gotta go! Posted by Picasa

Well, you asked us to "sit," didn't you? Posted by Picasa

Q-tip, what do you think of boy dogs? Posted by Picasa

"The next person who says, 'so cuuuute!' gets puke on his shoes." Posted by Picasa

And over in Bish Park, Chewie and JY swig 100Plus before hitting the slopes again. Posted by Picasa

3 L-plates looking confident. Check out the spankin' new gear! Posted by Picasa

Petanque, 'blading, bowling... wonder if this pix is evidence enough for a healthy lifestyle award for us? Posted by Picasa

The aptly named Sunset Grill and Bar where June and I and Q-tip came for dinner. Coincidentally, Amy brought her folks here too, and we surprised each other. Shows great minds do think alike! Posted by Picasa

A pix with something for everyone. Foodies can look at the food, dog lovers can look at Q-tip, sports fans can look at the 'Adidas' logo, me... I'll just look at June. *dodges a flying shoe. Posted by Picasa

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