Sunday, November 20, 2005

Slightly edited 20 Nov 2005:
Today the ladies (i.e., Sharon and Wendy 'cos June and JY sat out) get to try out the trapeze at Sentosa we've been raving about, as well as the Luge later. Check out the pix from our action-packed afternoon:

Theory lesson before the practical. Posted by Picasa

Weng prepares for take-off. Posted by Picasa

This is about the only maneuvre I could get right today. My timing's gone a little screwy. Posted by Picasa

The launchpad gets a little crowded with Sharon about to take off and Wendy anxious to take her first swing. Posted by Picasa

Wendy demonstrates perfect form. Posted by Picasa

A quick conference to see how we can help Anthony get his routine right. Posted by Picasa

Anthony in flight. Posted by Picasa

On our way to try out the Luge, Sentosa's latest attraction. Posted by Picasa

JY and June play it cool on the chairlift. Posted by Picasa

At the end of the trail. And JY braces for impact with Anthony's rear end. Posted by Picasa

Bravely ascending for the 2nd ride of the day. Posted by Picasa

Returned to the Trapizza in the evening for dinner. Shared the space with a beach wedding dinner which was more formal than a beach party should be. Fortunately, there was a sudden torrential downpour which drowned out the "festivities" then the party really got more fun with the guests just mingling around, nursing their drinks and ice-creams and flitting from wet guest to wet guest making happy chat. The guests even surprised the bride with a birthday cake that appeared when her attention was, erm... directed elsewhere by a friend.

The wedding party left our table unmolested so we, dry under our canopy, were free to devour our outstanding thin crust pizzas. We had a Sicilana (basically everything on top), a Quattro Stagione (four seasons -- pizza divided into quarters, each quarter sporting a different topping), and an Aloha (Hawaiian, duh). Fresh ingredients, explosively crispy crust. Yummy. Though as usual I would've appreciated a little less salt.

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