Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Spent a crazy weekend hunting down clues to a scavenger quest we've got ourselves involved in. Make that "clue" 'cos by today, we haven't solved it yet! We've pretty much run around much of the island looking at some wonderful sites with NE possibilities; but no joy on finding our treasure. The location of our next clue -- the one we've been searching for for the last 3 days -- must be damned obscure. This evening, we declared a break and maybe by tomorrow, one of us will have a new brainwave and actually piece our first riddle clue together correctly. Otherwise it's just an exercise in frustration. >__<

Meantime, fitting my life around scavenger questing, from the previous week till today, Ive been learning something I've wanted to do for a long time: whack those barrel-like Chinese drums -- the ones they use for lion and dragon dancing. So the Department got a couple of Pugi kids to string us a few rhythms together, show us their drumming techniques, then cast us in front of a live audience and hope for the best.

The audience packs the Hall Wednesday evening, gathering on the occasion of our P's farewell tribute; a sort of "This is Your Life" kind of variety show with the EL Dept demonstrating that we can keep a beat in some rousing tub-thumpery, despite what we think of ourselves. Hope people won't see our effort as an attempt to drum the P out of college. The pun wasn't intentional. Heh. 7 simple, repeating sequences for a 150 sec performance, then I can rule one more ambition off my list as "fulfilled."

All that and I'm still slowly working my way up the "Most Wanted" list too. Hence some very late nights... like tonight.

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