Monday, December 26, 2005

And so the day we anxiously wait 364 days of the year every year comes to an end. Well, there're still a couple of homes left to visit later, but officially, Christmas is over.

Didn't feel all that Christmassy this year, though. It was more like, suddenly It's here! Lots of seasonal food on which to over-indulge, lots of family to greet, a frenzy of wrapping and unwrapping of presents, all over in a whirlwind 48 hours.

It must have been the lack of an adequate build-up to the event for June and me. There's usually a sequence of activities to undertake that enhances the anticipation. Things like putting up the tree, taking slow strolls through the malls selecting gifts and admiring the deco (which was horribly commercial this year in particular, I thought), and preparing our share in the feasting (we usually roast up a fab turkey and put some salad together) gets us in the right frame of mind to celebrate properly. We've been naughty this year and did none of the above. No wonder we feel more like Grinches than Santas.

Oh well, 364 more days till Christmas 2006. Let's hope it's a good one.

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