Saturday, December 03, 2005

Began the first of many discussions to come about the future, in particular, the changes I'm going to face in 2006. Everything changes. New subject, new CCA, everything I've become familiar with over the last few years has become new again. New P, new syllabus even. So much uncertainty is grounds for much apprehension, but there is an equal amount of excitement as well because there will likewise be room for experimentation and improvisation along the new learning curve.

Questions I'm asking myself are:
How might curricular and co-curricular activities run concurrently and seamlessly with one another?
How much learning-by-doing, learning-by-experience am I capable of planning and executing for next year's kids?
How might I work effectively with a new grouping of friends and colleagues on next year's upcoming projects?
How much of the programmes, systems and learning that I've developed and acquired so far do I want to relinquish to those replacing me in my previous portfolio, and how much do I take with me as I take up my new portfolio?

Regardless, the key to dealing with change is to get organized. Know what resources I have on hand, what resources I need to acquire and by when. Learn to see what's coming up on the horizon, give whatever system sufficient lead time to effectively deal with it; and remember that I'm not working alone but with others who share my goals too.

My biggest problem is in estimating lead-time, procrastinator that I am. Sounds like someone needs an organizer for Christmas. Then the other thing is, hope he actually uses it next year. Heh.

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