Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Discovery of the Day: "Don Your Personal Pie Club." Weird name, I know. June and I were wandering around China Square when I noticed this signboard advertising chicken pie. We still haven't quite got over Harry's pies of last year's vacation in Sydney so of course we had to go check this place out.

The counter guy was very happy to see us and immediately introduced us to the pies on display. The look in our eyes must have told him we were an easy mark. The regular sized pie is shareable between 3-4 pax, assuming it isn't the only thing on the table. We bought a quarter pie to sample and it was good. The Signature pie has a light flaky crust, hot and moist inside with bits of carrot, potato and green peas accompanying the chicken strips that define it as a chicken pie. The guy said there were different grades of spiciness, and the wedge that we tried already kept our stomachs warm and happy.

Also on offer were NY cheesecake, which the guy assured us was of pure Philly cheese manufacture, and chocolate fudge cake for those who want "afters."

And so...

unofficially, the end-of-year vacation has ground to a halt. Back to work tomorrow, and in a way, it'll be nice to get back to the old routines I've grown accustomed to. Nothing like a bit of structure and predictability for direction and purpose again. Bear with me, I'm trying to be positive here. But Workyear 2006 is still a few hours away from now, so let's imbibe the last of our vacation to the dregs while we still can.

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