Saturday, December 24, 2005

Enough time for one quick sneaky entry. Lunched at Friends, Maju Avenue. Opted for the regular set over the Christmas special. Didn't want to spoil my appetite for dinner tonight.

The pumpkin soup was a good starter. It kept the tummy warm and happy in anticipation of the main course. The lamb shank I got was quite a massive hunk of meat over a bone that would have kept Q-tip happy for weeks. There was a lot of meat, and it didn't have that sheepish smell that mutton usually has. Tender and kept moist with a generous helping of gravy. Carnivore time! I was so tempted to drop my cutlery and gnaw on the leg directly, but there was a nice, polite family at the next table and I thought I'd better set a good example.

June let me try some of her crispy pork. 3 fine slices of breaded pork chops that I can only describe as "delicate," almost melt-in-the mouth quality.

Dessert was a small bread pudding (I've had lots of this stuff over the last week, oddly enough) served hot and sweet. Strong coffee (Grinder's) to finish off.

Attentive service too. Staff kept coming around to clear dishes and top up cold water.

And now, preparing for dinner with the clan, carolling and Christmas countdown... :)

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