Saturday, December 03, 2005

Picked up JY and met Chewy for blading again. But although the weather had cleared up from last night's downpour, the pathways were still wet and slippery, no condition to blade in. So we ended up occupying a couple of park benches while the girls scared themselves silly swapping "real-life" ghost stories. Hope for better weather tomorrow.

Continued our scavenger quest in the afternoon. We've moved on to clue 3 already and it's a toughie too. The earlier clues only hinted at the names and locations of the places we needed to find. This clue is very clear about what we're looking for, but the challenge is a needle-in-a-haystack one. There are so many of these things around, the trick is to identify the right one.

We parked at Marina Square to begin our hunt. Moved on to CityLink Mall, the Capitol, Peninsula Plaza and Shopping Centre, some of the shophouses on North Bridge Road, caught the 190 to Orchard Road where we went pounding mall after mall searching for an outlet matching the description given in our clue. Zip. Nada. Zilch. Again, maybe it's the way we're interpreting the clue that's throwing us off. I dunno.

Had to give up by about 5 to prepare for dinner at MJ's. Pot-luck involving 2 generations of Drama Club kids. Nice to see everyone together one last time before we all scatter to the 4 winds next year. The guys, especially, who are fretting over their army enlistment in the next few days.

Good luck and God bless, everyone!

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