Tuesday, December 06, 2005

"Secret" blade training for June today. Midday Tuesday and Bish Park is empty. The rink is deserted, the Skateline rental facility is closed and tumbleweed rolls merrily across the dusty landscape. The silhouette of a lone cactus pines away in the distance...

June and I tear up the paths together. We are familiar with them after so many rounds of training over the last few weeks. She does pretty well, 2 rounds continuous. We take a water-break at the refreshment kiosk, which is kept open, thankfully, by a chatty auntie-type. Refreshed and cocky, someone has the brilliant idea of taking the reverse path for our 3rd round. At first, things go great. June learns to pick up speed and starts to enjoy it. Then a section of the pathway we're used to huffing and puffing on an upward climb suddenly becomes a perilous plunge accelerating the unaware blader on a plummet into purgatory.

June does her best to chicken out of the run, but she's already picked up too much momentum to bleed off too suddenly. She goes sprawling onto the grass verge and, as luck would have it, smashes the unprotected part of her knee into the ground. She's able to pick herself up and walk, so probably nothing's broken, but she's in a lot of pain anyway.

As the afternoon wore on, we had lunch with Amy, then the 3 of us joined Anthony and Yee for yet another crap bowling session at CSC. June sat out on account of her injury, but by the end of our game the pain in her knee kept increasing instead of decreasing.

She refuses to seek medical attention for the moment, opting to "wait till tomorrow and see how," but in the meantime, I've got her immobilized in front of the TV. Probably want to rub her down soon, if she'll let me anywhere near that knee.

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