Friday, December 09, 2005

Sick days. Yesterday at midnight, I took June to have her knee looked at. I insisted 'cos she was in a lot of pain. Doc at Silver Cross at least confirmed no bones broken but rather the ligaments were more likely to have been injured. Said to take her back for another look when the swelling subsides in the next couple of days.

By morning, she was in less pain, so that's a good sign. She could stand and hobble around again so she accompanied me as we packed up the whole family to see the vet, Q-tip and Momo for their annual shots, and Kaiser for his dihorrea problem (been too greedy, probably).

Me? I'm still not feeling all that healthy either. My screwed-up neck gives me a slight headache which my dry cough exacerbates. Sneezy too. But I pulled myself together and got onto campus to give some attention to the clutter on my desk and do the painful but necessary annual dumping ceremony. Some parts of the surface are visible again, and the piles of, er, documentation, aren't as tall as before. There's a sense of accomplishment here.

Thanks to Amy who consented to my request for "something bland" and kept me company at lunch. The staff-room's pretty deserted these days. Even the sugar-cane auntie commented that she's missed us for a while already.

June and I met Anthony, CW and Celine at MindCafe to talk about the next scavenger quest. We tried out "Guesstures" which was a bit of silly fun. Since our bill exceeded $50, I got to toss a pair of dice for a token prize. I threw a double-six for the top prize of a free pizza on our next visit. Better remind myself before I lose the voucher.

Meantime, hope health improves tomorrow.

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