Friday, December 30, 2005

There are a number of things I planned to say over the last couple of days, but I can't summon the energy to put them all into coherent thought. It's the end of the year and I'm tired, so I'll just dish out a little practical vacational advice here:

DO NOT seek to maximize vacation time by minimizing sleep time (duh!). For the last couple of weeks I've been sleeping past 4am trying to squeeze the last remnants out of December 05. Some days I don't go to bed until I realize that birds are singing in the trees! Those are really wasted days since I don't wake up again until past noon, so the whole exercise of maximizing time becomes a total farce.

Result: bio-clock gets upset causing loss of temper, loss of patience, loss of good humour, thinking of uncharitable thoughts, even outright hostility. June noticed this especially when I'm playing NFS:MW in the wee hours -- I'd be verbally abusing my virtual opponents for their anti-social driving behaviour in language that's unprintable in a PG site like this one. Can you say, "road rage?"

Will be going into hibernation mode these last few days before term begins again, if only to stock up on lost sleep.

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