Thursday, December 22, 2005

We're still stuck on our scavenger quest. Today, Q-tip accompanied us in her carrier bag and because she's quiet, no one suspected the presence of a little dog within their premises.

Our first stop was M-i-L's house where we delivered to her our fur/drool/spew-encrusted living-room carpet which she decided to take over when she heard we were throwing it out. Guess moms are like that -- can't stand to see things go to waste.

We began our hunt in earnest at I Am, an exclusive menswear establishment in Suntec City Tower 1. We took the elevator to the 8th floor to find it, and again we found the service to be excellent. We pretended to be an engaged couple getting married "next year." The sales staff were very helpful, making recommendations for our big day. While I tried on a couple of spiffy dress shirts, June looked around the shop for signs of a clue. No luck, though June said I looked better in the pink shirt than the orange. Even I was impressed with my image change, even if it was only temporary. If I was rich, I'd probably dress like that all the time.

Midday we explored Little India. Many restaurants around and such wonderful spicy smells making us hungry, but because we had Q-tip in tow we postponed lunch till later. The bak kut teh place in Balestier was ok with Q-tip so we grabbed a quick lunch before visiting the Sun Yat Sen Memorial nearby. June's never been there before so since we were in the neighbourhood...

Made a couple more stops around the area before calling it a day. We needed a new carpet so we dropped in at a carpet shop near Geylang Serai. The proprietor recognized June 'cos we bought our previous carpet from him last year. Nice new carpet for the living-room: $80 (after a $5 discount for being a "regular customer").

Met Anthony and co. for dinner at EastSide. Wednesday is "Beefeater's Night." For $4.99 you get a steak dinner, and quite a sizeable portion too. I ordered mine with herb butter, but I think something was wrong with the butter. It came in a cold, round pat on top of the steak, and it wouldn't melt -- which was probably a blessing because it tasted a bit off. So I removed the whole thing and liberally applied ketchup. Worked just fine, though next time I'd opt for either the mushroom or black pepper sauce instead.

Ended the evening treating everyone to a round of dessert and coffee at Sketches, Robertson Walk. It was time to use the $100 voucher Q-tip won for us at Halloween. June said the tiramisu was too sweet, though I thought it was ok. But we both liked the tartufo I ordered. Guess we need the motivation to keep on our quest tomorrow.

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