Friday, December 02, 2005

Working on a new clue now. The previous one -- the one we spent 3 days on -- we had already solved on Day 1, but we didn't notice the checkpoint marker though we were in the right location. Doh. But clue 2 has me stymied. The riddle is so cryptic, I don't have an idea what kind of thing we're supposed to be looking for. Lots of theories, but a dead end every time. *scratches head making sparks fly.

Spent the day driving around. Let's see... Goldhill Square, Chinatown, Holland V, Serene Centre, Vanilla Pod (got firmly kicked out 'cos we refused to pay the $3 entry fee into the Orchid Garden), Orchidville, Catholic Church in Yishun, Jalan Kayu, Millennia Walk. See? Chasing down every lead, no matter how tenuous.

We gave up at Marina Square where we had dinner at Wakaru. At this Japanese restaurant, all the staff shout their welcome at every new walk-in. Must be a Jap custom, but we're not all that used to it, having our meal constantly interrupted by a chorus of "irrashaimase" every short interval. But the staff are very friendly, always smiling and attentive people. Foodwise it's nothing to rave about. My sushi-udon combo came in larger portions than I expected, so there's quantity for the price; but the maguro, salmon and yellowtail were chewy -- I've had better.

Over at Serene Centre, I found a copy of Civ IV! Police chases are now passe. It's time to build Empires! But I had a problem loading the game the first few attempts. Apparently, there's a problem working the game out-of-box with ATi video-cards. Thankfully, the latest 1.09 patch solves this annoying glitch so I got to start indulging my megalomaniacal tendencies after all.


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