Thursday, January 05, 2006

JC1 Orientation activities take us to Sentosa today. Posted by Picasa

After my recce of this place on Tuesday, I just had to come back with more people. Posted by Picasa

Spent the day on O1 duty on Sentosa in the bright sunshine... rain... sun... rain... The weather couldn't make up its mind at all. Must have been quite frustrating for Amy and her crew to decide between dry and wet weather plans. My sympathies.

I appreciated the outing despite the weather. It was a refreshing change from the usual routine of the curriculum. And June could join me outdoors too -- on what might be the last few days of her involuntary "extended leave" from work. She got a job offer while we were sitting on the beach. The job pays slightly less than her old one, but she likes the location and the change of industry. The news boosted her spirits tremendously and the Billabong outlet got a happy shopper as a result.

Back to the old grindstone tomorrow. TGIF.

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