Sunday, January 22, 2006

Mimi's come over for the weekend. We took her and Kaizer to the vet yesterday for their shots. For an 11-year old, Mimi is in very good health, according to her blood test results. Except for her teeth which seriously need some treatment. Old lady's gonna need dentures soon or something. We'll fix an appointment for her after CNY.

Took both Mimi and Q-tip to Sentosa (this place seems like my regular weekend hangout, doesn't it?). This time, it was to snap some shots of our Art kids as they painted their hearts out over some Sentosa-sponsored art contest. The shots will be for the college newspaper, the latest issue we hope will be published by Tuesday.

I found it was difficult to take pix of artists as they paint. If you want to frame the painting, you get a brilliant view of the artist's butt. If you want the face, the artist has to pose but then you lose the candor of the moment. What to do? I still have a lot to learn about photography.

Vince bought June and me an early dinner at Sunset Bay. I had a pretty decent lamb stew, but June's mixed grill came from the Neanderthal School of Culinary Arts -- Burn. Meat. Regardless, thanks, Vince!

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