Thursday, January 26, 2006

OMG. Sorted through a pile of mail sitting on the shoe-rack and discovered a number of unopened bills that totaled up to quite a horrifying figure. These are bills over and above those I've arranged to pay through monthly GIRO deductions...

and over and above the bill I had to pay today from the contractor who did my bathroom renovation months ago. This evening, he came to see us in person to collect -- though the fault for the delay in payment lay in his administrative inefficiency and not in our tardiness. Good thing June remembered that our agreed-upon amount was actually less that the remuneration he was convinced he needed to collect. We showed him our bathroom to remind him what kind of work he actually did for us, and eventually he agreed on the lower price, thus saving us over a hundred bucks. At this time, every penny counts.

Well, thankfully, these bills mostly came from annual expenses and not monthly disbursements. It was just that when you let them accrue for a while, then open them all up at once, you're just asking for a heart attack, lor.

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