Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Yay! Got June a non-crappy V-day gift for a change. I know it's too early for the occasion, but when she actually does look longingly at something for herself -- which isn't often -- and reaches for her wallet, you know it's a good bet that it's something that she really wants. Best to strike when the opportunity stares you in the face.

So now June has a brand new Sony discman CD player, which I know she'll be using every day to listen to her CD collection. Though I tried talking her into accepting an MP3 player, she decided on the more retro option instead. Rebel.

Edit 01:
Hmm... it's morning now and on reading this entry again, I notice that it may possibly be misconstrued that I've made June appear like an unappreciative person, but that wasn't my intention. I really am a buyer of crappy gifts (usually due to last-minute panic shopping), if anyone's lucky enough to get a gift from me at all. It's a warm feeling to match the recipient with the right gift, and this time I think I did good.

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