Sunday, February 05, 2006

JY and Thad 'bladed into Bish Park from Bishan to join June and me this morning. Well, actually me, 'cos June's resting her knee for the next x number of weeks. Incapacitated, June contented herself browsing through the latest Her World, and looked after Q-tip who got to go out to the park and hence, was the only one to gain from her accident.

Getting more daring, JY suggested we try out some other pathways in the park she hadn't taken before. Some steep downhill runs, and a couple with quite sharp turns too. Alarmingly, her courage got the better of her ability, and she took a few nasty spills. She now has a bruised knee in almost exactly the same place as June's. It's like they're Corsican Sisters or something.

JY's injuries don't seem as bad, though. But Thad and I had to be firm with her and insisted that she learn to brake properly before she becomes so adventurous again. She wasn't hard to convince. Sensible girl.

Will insist on the same condition once June recovers and wants to strap on her blades again.

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