Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Well, NY conneXions issue #3 is up and running! Half the stories this week were written by our JC1 reporters so, hey, welcome aboard! As usual, I'll put a link here for easy reference.

If things go according to plan, we'll be migrating the site to a new server [and launching a new look too!] by 21 Feb, so this issue should be the last one with any ties to "The Red Pill" which shall be finally put to rest after a troubled existence.

Don't know what the originators of the Red Pill think of how their brainchild has morphed over the last few years, but I hope the spirit behind the concept still lives on in NY-X.

Since yesterday's online update, I've already started editing for next week's PRINT edition. Yup. Next week, NY-X gets a limited dead-tree run. Because of the complexities of printing, we're cramming to the tightest of deadlines. Stories to edit, stories to chase then edit, stories to prioritize, a photo-shoot to call... all done and confirmed by Friday morning so that the printer can help us with the layout, the final approval, the colour seps, the printing, cutting and delivery on the morning of Thursday next -- Launch Day.

Online publishing seems so much less complicated, but there's nothing like holding a piece of paper hot-off-the-press, getting heady with the scent of printers' ink coating the finger-tips black, and devouring the printed word that burns a hole through the conscience of the school *lightning flashes majestically and a hush descends as thunder prepares to make an entrance.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. There's the donkey work to be done first. Hee haw.

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