Monday, May 29, 2006

The check-in counter, where Mel and I bid our children farewell and assured them they were in good hands. They grow up so fast...! Posted by Picasa

Having abandoned our charges, Mel introduced me to Edward, the Western Food operator at the Business canteen. Y'all at Kent Ridge should know what I'm talking about, ya? We ordered 2 lemon fish with pasta/mash and split a cheese-pork wurst. Lunchtime must have been over for quite a while, judging by the empty tables and how cold the fusilli was. But Edward's brownie was excellent, warm and fluffy from the microwave with hot Hershey's chocolate sauce on top. Dying to try his apple pie next time.

Perfect summer weather in the afternoon. Went 'blading on ECP like I've wanted to for so long. Tried adding on my newly discovered track to my existing one. That would have taken me from the East Coast SAFRA Resort to Fort Road and back.

Cannot make it. Nearly died, not from lack of CV endurance but from lactic acid poisoning. My legs were so badly cramped by the time I got past the McD's I had to take frequent rest stops to get my legs responsive again. Then they'd carry me another short distance before I had to stop for another break. It didn't help that when I tried stretching one muscle to relieve the pain, another would immediately cramp up, so it was just a string of agonized cries and curses while I sat and tried to get my legs in working order again and again and again.

Gave up by the time I hit the lifeguard tower west of the McD's and doubled back stiff-legged back to M2. I had parked at the lot just east of the food centre. It was a long and painful journey back.

Well, we can always try for cycling tomorrow.

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