Monday, May 08, 2006

I am about to take a sledgehammer to the clunky old Pentium II that I'm using to edit the PUS video clip. I've got about 20 minutes of raw footage that I want to extract just less than 5 minutes from. It should be an easy matter to do a simple copy-and-paste job, but nearly every step of the way the PC hangs and I have to start all over again and again and again...

Even when I save what few edits I've made, the save process is itself touch-and-go. I'm never certain if the save is going to be successful after several minutes of hard-drive grinding, or result in yet another occasion to hit ctrl-alt-del.

The sum total of practically a full day's tedium: I got my 200Mb 5 minute edited footage done. I'd stuff the whole lot onto my thumb-drive, but the terminal is running on Win 98(!) which doesn't recognize my new(?) hardware. The terminal doesn't even have networking! So I finally got it burned onto a CD-ROM. Playback from the disk is brilliant: I got sound, no picture. -__-

It's enough to tear the few strands of hair I still have out. I've fantasized flinging my headphones at the monitor to make it work faster, but there were kids present in the com lab, and that kind of behaviour isn't exactly good role modelling, is it?

A day for dark, violent thoughts.

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