Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Saw my first (dunno if it'll also be my last) batch of PUS presenters through their presentation this morning. Of the 3 presentations in our grouping, ours by far was the most entertaining. I thought so as I was watching it, and other audience members likewise confirmed it too.

Ours was short, and though we had a serious message, we played it for the laughs anyway. What to do? Ours opened the entire series of Parallel Presentations and it had to set the right tone: lighthearted, fun and not taking ourselves too seriously.

Between video clip and 'live' action on stage we went for seamless transitions, props that actually had a purpose for being, and clear characterization without having to resort to labeling (literally), and without cynical, snide, self-deprecatory asides as if to say, "this is just a piece of theatrical posturing; we're embarrassed to be showing you this." We -- unlike everyone else -- were proud to embarrass ourselves in front of our audience and we got our points across succinctly and got some laughs as well.

Before y'all think I'm looking at the whole thing through rose-tinted glasses, let me say that while we put in a lot of time and effort over the presentation, we could have prepared Mich and Yogs better for the Q&A. They were so tense and uncomfortable trying to field their questions, but clearly their stage fright got the better of them in this totally unrehearsed section. They're good at impov comedy but improv serious takes bit more preparation.

But well done to our team on the whole, video and 'live' presenters alike, for being not boring; for being yourselves on-stage and off; and for all the silly, mad ideas that didn't need a lot of discussion over but just freely offered to anyone who would run with them and see them though to their logical end. Your presentation should be a memorable one for your audience :)

Late afternoon returned to ECP to cycle with Amy and HP. Didn't stay long 'cos I abandoned them to fetch June for our dinner appointment. It was at the Delhi Restaurant, a tandoori place on Race Course Road. Organized by Jo and Aggie, our dinner company also included Lucy, Vince, NBS and Ron. Food was cheap and plentiful and tasty though not spicy (though the tandoori mixed-grill flambe was spectacular); the service was attentive; and the company was stimulating. A nice, agenda-less evening.

Took our drinks at the prata place at Rosyth.

So much to do despite the vacation. Yay!

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