Thursday, May 11, 2006

Spent Wednesday afternoon at a general briefing for all PUS participants, and a rehearsal for our presentation team at our host's homeground. Our presentation is still pretty raw, and lots more need to be done in refining our script and movement so that it looks less static.

I've never had any PUS experience before, so I don't really know how our approach to the presentation is going to be received. Not that there isn't substance in what we're going to say, it's that our delivery is bimbotic, playing for laughs rather than serious-but-boring.

But what I'm most proud of our total PUS effort this year is that it's been mostly student-driven. They came up with their own ideas and research for the written report; it was their idea to shoot the presentation video (and develop the content therein). All we staff did -- well, Gerald did spend quite some time and effort guiding the research team along -- was in mainly making their vision happen, and the necessary admin which I sort of muddled through. Still muddling...

I've always thought the PUS was supposed to be done by students for students. Regardless of what other colleges may be doing, I intend to be true to the spirit of PUS.

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