Saturday, May 06, 2006

This week has been running up to this morning's General Elections. The papers have been full of campaign goings-on and everyone seems excited about it. Even the students who are usually politically phobic have actually been animatedly talking about it during tutorials. Perhaps for once the democratic process appeared more real, more concrete than just lecture material.

June and I woke up early to cast our votes. Early morning means no crowds. Can't think of anything worse than spending an off day waiting in a long but orderly line guarded by policemen.

Despite all the precautions, there was at least 1 incident of human error at our polling station. After casting our votes, we exited into the parking lot only to be accosted by our elderly neighbour [he called me, "Ah Ti," which was quite gratifying; most people call me, "Uncle," these days] who was looking very puzzled and lost. Apparently, he had followed the wrong group of people and walked straight past the polling area and into the parking lot, still with his blank ballot in hand. June had to take him back inside the station and explain for him what had happened and get it all sorted out. One party or another very nearly lost an important vote there!

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