Friday, June 09, 2006

JY's mom finally succumbed to the ravages of the Big 'C' this morning. We knew of her illness for several months now, and JY herself has been very strong about it. Even today she's been going about making sure to get the procedures right for the final send-off on Sunday. She's been busy making arrangements with the relevant authorities and welcoming and entertaining her visitors who've come to pay their last respects.

We haven't been able to actually sit and ask her how she feels about the whole thing, though. She's been treating it very matter-of-fact for the moment, as if she's nothing more than just a part of the entire process. It's a coping strategy that seems to be working for her. Guess she'll also be glad to know she has friends who'll support her through this rough patch.

Meantime, if anyone wants to leave JY a message of sympathy, especially if you know her, just drop a comment and I'll pass it on. Or better yet, if you know how to contact her directly, please do.

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