Friday, July 07, 2006


Go Team Peggy! Today was the college Sports Carnival, after a hiatus of a year. This bunch of my fellow flying horsies unexpectedly won me a new trophy to weigh down my desk. "Unexpectedly," because JY said yesterday that the team was already full, then today she recruited me at the last minute for the staff novelty race. A 6 x 50m relay but instead of passing a baton, we had to dress and accessorize ourselves with more and more stuff with each completed lap. Shirt... sarong... handbag... clip-on "earring"... umbrella (open)... silly hat, I think that was the order. Clix for more pix.

Edit 01

Larger than expected party at Tomoko, Casuarina Road, for lunch. First time experience for Belinda, Lucy and Aggie, packing out a table for 10.

Smaller than expected party at Wild Rocket for dinner. For various reasons, our table for 10 became a table for just Vince, Amy and me. Has a sort of right ambience for a date with soft lighting, light jazz on the stereo. Fusion menu, but we chose the basic stuff. Rib-eye, rare and juicy for me, and a chocolate gateau with flambe banana to follow. Just-right portions, filling without being uncomfortably so. How did it taste? Let me put it this way: Rib-eye. Steak. Bloody. You can't go wrong!

We adjourned to cheap kopitiam in Siglap to join Anthony and Wendy for kopi (what else?) and catch-up. Sort of to make up for not being able to attend his birthday dinner last week. Happy belated!

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