Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Got interviewed by ZB about KI. Last week, boss-lady informed me they wanted to interview 2 KIds, but I didn't expect to talk to the reporter as well. I picked 'deep and Que 'cos they're the most media-friendly of the bunch and after prepping them a bit, I left them to have their private chat with the press. Soon after, P called me down to the office to share the interview with him, so they got staff and admin's perspectives as well. A bit unnerving 'cos the photog kept taking pix during our interview. Hope he got my best side!

Jo and I went to the beach in the afternoon to continue marking. Nice spot along ECP's car park 'G' next to the Sailing Federation. It was practically deserted when I went there yesterday (where I was at my most productive) but today the sailors were having some kind of event and the picnic table I was eyeing was occupied. We had to walk a little further down the beach to find another picnic table near the breakwater. So nice, being there with the warm sun, the cool breeze, the mass of sailboats superimposed against the horizon line, the waves lapping so close by. It's quiet and no distractions; just mark, mark, mark the afternoon away.

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