Saturday, November 04, 2006

Another irate letter to ST Forum:

Nov 4, 2006
Singapore drivers just refuse to give way

OKAY, I give up, I just don't understand, so perhaps a Singaporean driver can answer my question.

I have been driving for 30 years, in about 20 different countries and currently hold six driving licences. In an average year, I have to drive in four to seven different countries, always checking local road laws before doing so. I have now lived in Singapore for six years and have to drive all over the island on business.

So please explain why, when I indicate to move to another lane, even when it is to exit, nine times out of 10, the car in that lane will deliberately accelerate to prevent me from doing so, often causing me to miss my exit.

There has even been a government campaign to promote courteous driving, but it is obvious it has been ignored by the majority.

The other annoyance is that as new driver, I was taught to give way and raise a hand in thanks when given way to. But when I give way here, or let someone in front of me, there is normally a look of total disbelief, and rarely an indication of thanks.

Now driving is becoming more accessible to the next generation of drivers as cars become more affordable, there needs to be a real effort to change this 'I must be first' attitude. It's dangerous, it's immature, it's unnecessary.

Wendy Gorman (Mrs)

Actually, a lot of fluff. Mrs Gorman's beef is that she misses her exit because S'pore drivers don't "give way" to her. Everything else is just distraction.

Is it true that S'pore drivers are as ungracious as all that? As a local bus operator will explain: It's not that Mrs Gorman misses her exit because of inconsiderate drivers. It's because she doesn't change lane early enough that's why. Last minute want to change, wat you wan' the other drivers to do, ah?

Sorry, lah!

Hmm... considering how much driving experience she's chalked up, and she still can't adapt to local driving conditions, it doesn't say much for her learning abilities. OK, I'm being mean now.

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