Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I'm getting a lot of mileage out of my October ish of Discover. There's a book review of "AC/DC: The Savage Tale of the First Standards War". This book details the horrific things Edison (yes, the electricity dude) did, not in the name of science even, but in a desperate publicity campaign for his company.

I was thoroughly outraged because we usually uphold this man as a model of personal perseverance and meticulous scientific practice, but this pushes the envelope way too far. In my print edition, I have photos. Be thankful the online version doesn't. Refer to the review entitled, "Power Failure", from the link here.


Declarative statement: Bowling is such a Zen activity.
Declarative supplemental statement: The calmer you are, the better you bowl.
Supplemental correlative: The better you bowl, the calmer you become.
Unnecerssary addendum: Just let all that karma flow through you, baby!

Bowling brings the bowler to centre; both physionomically and psychologically. Physically, we line ourselves up with our target. Our muscles click into place and lock-on. Our breathing slows to a halt. The heart slows in sync with our breath. Our thoughts focus until nothing remains other than our target and the line that connects us to it, seen only in the mind's eye.

If the throw is successful, we find perfect peace as we bring ourselves another step closer to perfect control and we prepare for our next throw. If we mess our throw up, most of the time we lose it. We cuss and swear and start blaming everything from our luck to the lane to our lack of skill, and that's the end of the game for us!

How did I do today? 155 for a 3-game average. Not too bad, considering I haven't touched that ball in months. Yeah, bowling lunches can be fun!

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