Thursday, November 02, 2006

Whoever sat for today's paper has made history. This was the last General Paper being offered at 'AO' level, so congratulations to y'all. Funny that the group I invigilated didn't seem too impressed when I announced this fact at the end of the paper. Go figure.

There. Didn't I always say that GP application questions aren't always gonna be "which passage is more relevant/reflective/representative of your society"? Just because we had one (or two?) exemplar questions from the Syndicate doesn't mean that they are all going to be like that forever.

After all, the AQ is meant to be a thinking, and sometimes critical thinking, question. No model answer to emulate, no template to follow, just you and your wits appreciating the problem set before you and dealing with it logically and reasonably as best you can.

This morning's paper was an open ended one on an issue that any normal teenager would angst about. It's an issue that lurks in their hearts and occasionally causes teenage outrage particularly when an authority gets involved. A gift question, so to speak. But because it didn't appear to follow the standard pattern of questioning that they've trained for, not a few students fed back that they "didn't know what the question wanted".

I hope those weren't my students...!

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